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What Are Speech Generating Devices?

SGDs are typically tablet-like units that allow a person to communicate thoughts by electronic voice generation when he or she is no longer able to speak.  Without an SGD, which is highly personalized and uniquely programmed, many people are isolated and awake, trapped inside a body they cannot control, with no ability to communicate.

What is the Problem?

Through a new interpretation of longstanding rules, CMS is currently leading an outright attack on coverage for Speech Generating Devices (SGDs).  

  • Effective April 1, 2014, Medicare will no longer purchase an SGD for a beneficiary; instead it must be rented.  Further, if a person is in the first 13 months of using a rented SGD and he or she enters a hospital, long term care facility, or hospice, Medicare will take the person's SGD and "voice" away. 
  • Effective September 1, 2014, if a person's SGD has the potential for any function other than speaking (for example, email), then Medicare will not pay for the person's ability to speak through an SGD – even though Medicare has never paid for additional functionality beyond speaking (any additional functionality has always had to be privately paid). 
  • In addition, Medicare currently routinely denies coverage of the critical eye-gaze technology necessary for many people to operate these speech devices, even when the medical necessity is well documented. As a result, these individuals have no way to communicate. After years of waiting for an appeal to Medicare, the eye-gaze coverage is routinely allowed, but individuals should not be forced to wait years without a voice. 

Why Are SGDs So Important?  Play this Video and You Will See:

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Don’t Let Medicare Take Away Severely Disabled People’s Ability to Communicate!

Recent changes to Medicare are drastically reducing the ability of the most vulnerable people with disabilities to communicate.

Use YOUR voice to protect the voices of others.

Tell Congress and CMS not to limit access to SGDs.

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